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Time Sync Specialists

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Clock Watch syncs to the atomic clock          ClockWatch               

Clock sync software               


Star Sync acts as an NTP timeserver syncing with GPS satellites ClockWatch Star Sync GPS         time server


Cell Sync syncs to CDMA cellular broadcast                 

ClockWatch Cell Sync


CDMA time server


Keep your           computer's clock synced with atomic clock precision—Single-user or          Client/Server editions           Get exact time from GPS satellites—ideal for highly secure or remote locations Also available: ClockWatch Radio Sync WWV and WWVB receivers.          


Get accurate  time  from cellular transmitters—great for places where GPS installations are impractical
ClockWatch Client/Server keeps a network in sync 


Client Server

DocuClock is the timestamper with Atomic Clock accuracy Sentry Basic Clock locker               

Lock down your computer's clock to prevent unauthorized time changes


DocuClock is the timestamper with Atomic Clock accuracy DocuClock Time stamper                   

NTP timeserver and client software. Easy to install and use.  

Make a permanent atomic-precision time-stamped record with our OATS compliant time stamp printer