Slip & Ticket Printer for Scale and Measurement

Renowned for its versatility and reliability the Epson TM-U295 is used  widely through the scale and measurement industry as a slip and ticket scale printer. Designed for medium- to high-volume ticket printing, this Epson ticket printer provides 1.9 to 2.3 lines-per-second printing. A drop-in alternative to the TM-U295 scale printer is the Star SP298.

The rugged impact print head of the Epson ticket printer provides for single copy or up to five-part multi-copy ticket printing  A variety of software-selectable features provide exceptional print format and character font flexibility. Functioning as a slave printer, the Epson ticket printer's standard RS-232 allows for interfaces to a wide range of data sources.

Typical Scale & Measurement Applications
  • Truck scales

  • Gas and Oil truck delivery tickets

  • Counting Scales

  • Material handling

  • Inventory control

  • Retail and light-industrial use

Manufacturer Model Typical Use of TM-U295
Rice Lake Weighing Systems DIGI DC-190 Series Counting Scale Accessory Ticket Printer
  DIGI DC-788 Series  
  DIGI IQ-9500 Single or Dual Counting Scale Accessory Ticket Printer
Agri-Tronix ATC Pro-Tournament and Tournament Scale Indicators Printer option
bei TruTest Scales Printer option
Salter Brecknell  Floor Scale Accessory Printer
Centurion Digital Load cell Truck Scale Accessory Printer
Liquid Controls LectroCount LCR-II Electronic Register Ticket printer

Epson TM-U295 M66SA Scale Printer Specifications

Print Area
 2.95" Wide with 1" margin from top and bottom of page more..
 Char. Per Line
 approx 35  (using standard font)
 Char. Format
 5x7 and 7x7 dot matrix
 120VAC  AC Adapter (100- 240 VAC input @ 50/60 Hz version also available)
(sold separately) more...
 Cassette Type, purple or black ribbon (1.5 million char. life) more...
 serial RS-232 110, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 selectable baud rate
Operating Temp
 +14 Deg F(-10 Deg C) to +104 Deg F(+40 Deg C)
 4.2 lb (2kg)


Star SP-298 Specifications
Print Technology Impact
Print Speed 3.1 lines/sec
Paper Width 3.15” – 7.17”
Character Size 7 x 9, 5 x 9
Print Width 69 x 80 mm (minimum)
Resolution 9-Pin print head
Print Columns 42
Available Interfaces Serial OR Parallel
Emulation ESC/POS™ (TM295)
Paper Sensors Top of form, bottom of form
Reliability 9 million lines MCBF
Copies Multiple Copies
Original + 2 Copies
Power Power Supply 24 vdc
Star PS60L or Epson  PS-180
Color White or Gray
Drivers Windows XP, 7,8 & 10 and OPOS, JavaPOS™
*ESC/POS is a registered trademark of Epson Seiko LTD.

TM-U295 Printer Price List 
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