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Epson TM-T88V Printer - model M244A

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TM-T88V Support Information

Additional support information can be found on our main Support page

What are the benefits of buying a TM-T88V?

The TM-T88V is the latest and fastest member of the industry-leading TM-T88 series. It features the fastest speed and the most reliability in its class. It prints text and graphics at the same fast speed, new ease-of-use features, optional power supply case and offers both wired and wireless interfaces. The TM-T88V also has the same external dimensions of the TM-T88IV for easy drop-in replacement.

Will the TM-T88V become obsolete if I upgrade my system?

No. With Epson’s wide range of Connect-It interfaces, the TM-T88V is compatible with today’s best-of-breed and component-based systems. Interface options are available for high-speed USB, serial, parallel, USB, Ethernet, wireless and more. In essence, Epson’s interface options make the TM-T88V "future proof" against system changes and it can be easily moved to a new system with a change of an interface card.

What kind of interface do I need or what kind of data cable do I need?
See our Interface Guide
How do I set Memory Settings on the TM-T88V  printer

Epson TM series printers have a setup program built-in. Once active, menus are printed and menu selection is made with the feed button You can enter the Printer Setup menu by running the self-test, and then pressing the feed button for more than 1 second. To run the self-test:

  • Turn the printer off
  • Hold down the FEED button
  • Turn the Printer back on while still holding the FEED button.

After the self test print is complete, there should still be a light flashing on the printer. Press and hold the FEED button until it prints again. The next page should be a short menu listing. Those options are the memory switch settings. Most options will be under the 'Customize value settings' menu.

The way the menu selection works is by pressing the FEED button the same number of times as the number next to the option, then pressing and holding the FEED an additional time after that (i.e. to select the 2nd option in the list, you would press the FEED button 2 times and then press and hold it on the third). More....

Does the use of color and graphics increase the time it takes for my customer to check out?

No. The printing speed of the Epson TM-T88V has increased 50% over the TM-T88IV printer and features the same fast printing for both text and graphics. The TM-T88V features NV RAM for storing frequently used logos and graphics, so receipt printing is not slowed down.

Is thermal printing expensive?

Not any more. Black and white thermal paper is widely available and the popularity of thermal printing has driven the price of paper down substantially. Thermal printing also eliminates the need for other consumables such as ink or ribbons, further reducing overhead costs.

How does thermal printing work?
Thermal material, typically paper or synthetic film, has a special chemical coating applied to one side to make it sensitive... more
What do the DIP switches on the bottom of my printer do?

Generally all switches should be in the "off" position. The DIP switches control baud rate (transmission rate), parity, and other functions. For a list of what each switch does, please see our TM-T88 support page

Where do I get Windows drivers for this printer?
See here.

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