How to Configure an Epson Bluetooth Interface Card

  • See how to connect your Epson TM series printer wirelessly to your portable device or computer using a Bluetooth adapter card

Bluetooth is a standard for wirelessly connecting together peripheral devices such as personal
computers, printers, etc. It can be used to easily network together not only personal computers,
but a variety of devices as well.

Bluetooth also uses data encryption and random frequency switching technology to attain a
high level of security and prevent data interception.


The Bluetooth Interface Card Installs Easily Into an Epson TM Series Printer

The Bluetooth communication range is approximately 10 meters. The actual communication range differs depending on the surrounding radio wave environment, objects of interference, and the setup location. Make sure to sufficiently test the communication range when setting up a network.

The procedure for connecting the host device to the TM series printer using Bluetooth is detailed below. The Epson Bluetooth Interface Card uses SSP (Serial Communication Protocol) to create the Bluetooth connection. Both a Bluetooth-compatible PDA and a Windows based computer are used as examples for connecting an Epson printer via Bluetooth. In order to print, you must install a printer application on the PDA or computer.

Device Support

There is support for connecting Epson printers with Bluetooth to Android devices, Windows devices and Apple devices (see note). 

Note: If you are trying to connect an Apple iOS device to an Epson receipt printer you must use the iOS compatible version of the Epson TM-T88V printer. Contact us for details.

Windows: The Epson Advanced Printer Driver, contains support for connecting some printers via Bluetooth. Check the current list of supported drives at

Android: The Epson TM Utility application will communicate with the Bluetooth interface on some TM series printers. This is available for free at Google Play.

1  Installation Steps

  1. Install and Enable Bluetooth on the PDA/tablet/computer (host device)
  2. Pair the printer with the host device
  3. Install the driver or application on the host device


2  Bluetooth Connection

2.1 Bluetooth Connection Overview
Follow the PDA Bluetooth setup tool instructions for setup operations. One example is indicated below. Use your host device manual for actual operations.

Steps for connecting a PDA to a portable printer

Since the output of Bluetooth radio waves is limited, communication can be affected by the setup location, direction installed, other devices in the area, etc., which may disrupt or decrease the speed of communication. As a result, make sure to thoroughly check device operation prior to using.

Establish the Bluetooth connection by using the PDA’s Bluetooth setup tool. Set up the connection by following the direction indicated by this tool.

Steps to Setup an Epson TM-T88V

  1. On TM-T88V printer - set DIP switch bank 2, position 4 (2-4)  to ON. All other switches stay OFF
  2. Place Serial Connect-It interface card in printer and connect to computer with Null Modem cable. May need to restart system if cable was not plugged in at boot.
  3. Run Epson TM-T88V Utility - included on disc that comes with printer.
  4. Select/Add Serial printer to the list of available printers - baud rate will be at 38400.
  5. Choose "Communication I/F" from the list on the left of the window under the [Advanced] section.
  6. Select baud rate 115200 from the dropdown menu and click Apply.
  7. Exit the program.
  8. Power off the printer and replace the Serial interface card with the Bluetooth interface card.
  9. Hold the power button down and turn printer on to run a self-test. Printout from the self-test should say Serial interface and confirm baud rate at 115200.
  10. Cycle printer power off and on.
  11. Pair printer with Bluetooth device (non iOS) and print a test page


  • When the transceiver is unplugged, Windows will remove the Bluetooth Radios category in Device Manager, but the Bluetooth Devices icon will remain in Control Panel.
  • Bluetooth devices typically require 500 milliamps (mA). Determine what other USB devices are connected. You may have to add a self-powered hub to support additional devices on the USB port.
  • If the device does not authenticate during the detection process, remove the device, and then add it again without a passkey.
  • If previous steps do not resolve the issue, try the device on another computer. If the device does not work on another computer, the issue is in Windows.
  • If the USB interface was used previously on the TM-T88V then the Memory Switch setting may need to be changed from USB to UIB (Universal Interface Board). See here for details.

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