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My cash drawer will not open electronically

  1. Verify you are using the correct cable and that it is properly attached. Micros Cash Drawers can plug into the back of the printer or into the terminal. Check which one you have and that it is correctly configured.

  2. Check the drawer is not locked and verify your lock is in the vertical or 12 to 6 o’clock position.

  3. Make sure you have the 4 rubber feet attached to the bottom of your drawer. Place your cash drawer on the edge of the counter.

  4. Remove the inner drawer and check for foreign obstructions then reinstall it.

I hear a click but my drawer does not open

  1. Check the drawer is not locked and verify your lock is in the vertical or 12 to 6 o’clock position.

  2. Remove the inner drawer and check for foreign obstructions then reinstall it.

  3. Check the cash drawer is properly inserted on the rails, remove any items and then reinstall the inner drawer. Verify your latch spring is attached.


    Cash Drawer Series 1 and 2 Connectors

    All MICROS Workstations contain a pair of the connectors shown in the figure below.

    Cash Drawer Series 1 MICROS 4-Pin DIN Cash Drawer Connector Cash Drawer Series 2 Mini-DIN Cash Drawer Connector


    The Series 2 Cash Drawer connector is an 8-pin Mini-IDN. This pair of Cash Drawer connectors is used by the Workstation 6 and the Base Station.


    Series 2 Cash Drawer Pin and Signal Reference
    The following table describes the signal name and function of each pin:

    Pin # Signal name Description


    VCC12 or VCC24

    Cash Drawer power



    Open drawer



    Signal grounds



    Input status from cash drawer



    Tx data to Cash Drawer



    Rx data from Cash Drawer

APG Vasario Series



APG Series 100



APG Series 4000




Customer Display Interface
Symptoms: The Integrated or Pole Customer Display does not function. The unit should auto-detect the LCD customer display or IEE 2x20 VFD customer display at power-up. If a customer display is not detected after several power-up cycles, you can check the following.
• Internal customer display cable disconnected from J2 or IO panel
connector damaged.
• Damaged Pole Customer Display Connector CN3.
• No Power to Customer Display Connector.
o Make sure +5V appears at J2-1. If not, check voltage switch Q9, Q8
and F6.
• Defective Interface circuit.
o Multiplexer U10, NOR Gate U4A and U4C, and Level Shifter U3.




VFD Pole Customer Display - Blinking Character but no Information Displayed

Symptoms: All segments of the upper left character blink continuously while the
WS4 LX boots. When Windows Embedded CE 6 starts and loads the WS4 LX
API, it sends an initialization command to the display to turn off the blinking
character. If the character continues to blink after the operating system starts,
check the following:
• Defective Remote Customer Display Cable
• Defective Customer Display

VFD Pole Customer Display - Blank or Characters very dim

Symptoms: No characters appear on the VFD. The upper left character does not
blink at power-up.
• Check fuse F1 on the WS4 LX system board. If very hot, check for a shorted
or defective pole display interface cable.
• Defective VFD Interface Board. Check the following:
• Defective CR9 (+12V Zener Diode) or Q1 (MMBT2222A)
• Blank display but +5V OK. (F1 on WS4 system board is not hot), bad U6.
• Blank display but F1 is hot - bad U1 or U2 display anode drivers





With a scale an establishment can post sales of menu items that are priced by weight. The Mettler-Toledo Viva scale interface is supported within MICROS

In the event you are unable to connect the Mettler Toledo scale to the Micros workstation, consider the following troubleshooting tips.

  • Ensure the connection is secure between the workstation, and serial port of the scale.

  • The power supply is plugged in and the scale is turned on..

  • You are using a scale data cable.

  • The serial port on the workstation is functional

  • No errors are shown in the scale display (see below).



 How to connect an Epson POS Printer with a Micros IDN Adapter: How to IDN

  Serial Printer cable - null modem type  
Oracle List US$7.00
Annual Oracle Support Oracle List US$1.75



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