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Complete print alarm kit for receipt and kitchen printers. No software required. Easy installation.

Print Alarm
The POS Buzzer provides a audible buzz every time a document is printed. It plugs into (and draws power from) the cash drawer port on the back of any Epson TM series printer.   The regular buzzer by itself requires that the software send it a command to buzz.. For installations without that option we now offer a print buzzer with paper sensor. The sensor can sound the alarm whenever a paper is printed. The buzzer needs only the power provided by the  existing cash drawer port in the back of the Epson/Star/IBM/etc. printer. It works with kitchen, receipt, slip, hybrid - all types of printers.

POSBUZZ Print Alarm with Paper Sensor
Through selectable options, the POSBUZZ can notify employees with an electronic buzzer if an order has been printed on the printer for more than (15-40 seconds). The electronic buzzer can be selected to stay on for 60 second or stay ON until the order is removed from the printer.

For the automatic switch sensor to work properly, the paper must be removed before the POSBUZZ is powered up by the printer. you can only use one Paper Sensor on the POSBUZZ.
The Paper Sensor Alarm features of the POSBUZZ does not require any software changes to your applications. The Paper Sensor alarm works independent of the printer and all applications.
When paper is present, the Paper Sensor Paper sensor will trigger the alarm as per its dip switch settings.


  • Print Alarm
    • Sounds a buzzer every time document is printed.
    • Buzzer can be heard even in noisy enjoinments, and can be set from 1-10 sec in duration.
    • Printer powered, no software configuration required
    • Works on any Epson TM series printer, with any kind of interface.
  • Connects to Epson TM series printers through existing DM port
  • Easy to install, no tools needed, Velcro strip provided for easy mounting
  • Easy installation on existing printer.
  • No external power supply needed
  • No need to touch POS software, computer or terminal.
  • Functions with all EPSON, Star, Citizen, IBM and other compatible receipt, kitchen and slip  printers
  • When used with the optional power supply can be used a a general print alarm.

Note: a cash drawer cannot be used in conjunction with the paper sensor.

Note: Power for the buzzer with sensor can also be supplied by  an optional 120 volt power supply with an RJ12 adapter. The power settings for the pins default to Epson.

Looking for a sensor-less alternative? - consider the Beagle Hardware Auto Sensing print alarm.


Buzzer and Sensor Unit


Buzzer  Sounds Alarm when Paper is Present

Powered  through the cash drawer port

Optional Power Supply
(when printer connection is unavailable)


POS Buzzer Printer Alarm option

The POS Buzzer can sound an electronic buzzer at the end of a printed receipt. The POS Buzzer is ideal for restaurant kitchen or bar order printers and other service industries. It uses the  cash drawer port on the printer for its power. The electronic buzzer is triggered by the cash drawer pulse function of the printer. No cash drawer is required.

Two selectable options are available for the printer alarm.

Option 1: Alarm will sound for a selected amount of time (1 to 10 seconds) when a receipt and then a drawer trigger option is printed. The alarm can be silenced early by pressing the push button located on the top of the POS Buzzer.

Option 2 is that an alarm is sounded when a receipt and the drawer trigger option is printed. This alarm will stay on until the push button on the top of the unit is pressed. Note that an external push button can be installed onto the POS Buzzer if desired.

This configuration is available on most IBM, Star, Epson, Citizen and other compatible POS printers.

Buzzer with Paper Sensor Settings for Epson Printers

The jumpers inside the buzzer and sensor are set to work with Epson. No change in jumpers are required from the default Epson settings.

Front Dip and  Jumper Settings of  Buzzer with Sensor for Epson Printers

Sensor for Epson DIPS Jumpers
Buzzer > 1-on, 2-off, 3-on, 4-off 2 jumpers: position 1 +2
Sensor >  none 2 jumpers: J2 + J3 shifted down to EPSON position

If you wish to change the configuration from Epson to Star see below.

Printer and buzzer Installed

Opened paper sensor showing 2 jumpers inserted in the Epson position

Simple Installation

Installation Overview


Installation Details

Before installing, if not using an Epson or Star printer you may need to set the jumpers J2 and J3 inside the Paper Sensor with the correct settings for the printer that will connected to the POSBUZZ. See Table 1 for the jumper settings. See Figure 6 for jumper location.

Setting Buzzer for Sensor Alarm  (DIP switches 1,2)

Description SW # 1 SW # 2
Sensor Alarm option 1
  • Alarm will sound when paper is sensed for XX sec (see below for value of XX)
  • Alarm will sound for 60 seconds and shut off.
Sensor  Alarm option 2
  • Alarm will sound when paper is sensed for XX sec. (see below for value of XX)
  • Alarm will sound until paper is removed.

Setting the time to wait after paper is sensed before alarming (DIP switches 3, 4)

Description SW # 3 SW # 4
Sensor Alarm: wait 15 seconds before alarming ON ON
Sensor Alarm: wait 20 seconds before alarming ON OFF
Sensor Alarm: wait 30 seconds before alarming OFF ON
Sensor Alarm: wait 40 seconds before alarming OFF OFF




Sensor activated buzzer when paper is present


Figure 1 POSBUZZ and Paper Sensor Paper Sensor Alarm connection illustration: Buzzer plugs into printer, sensor into buzzer.


Confirm that the POSBUZZ has the same printer selected jumper J1. You can also adjust the sensor head position from 0 to 30 Degrees maximum. See Figure 2 and Figure 3.

sensor plugs into the buzzer



Apply the provided Velcro to the bottom of the Paper Sensor and attach to printer as illustrated in Figure 2.


Figure 2 Sensor Mounting onto Printer and Sensor Head position Adjustment


Adjust the position of the Paper Sensor as not to block the paper path. See typical table top and wall mount installations shown in Figure 3.

Place the sensor on top of the paper hole as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3A Table top or Wall Mount position

Figure 3B Wall mount Orientation


Position the POSBUZZ onto the printer so that it does not constrict the changing of the paper roll for the printer. See figure 4.




Figure 4 Paper Sensor & POSBUZZ Mounting onto POS Printer

Buzzer with Paper Sensor Settings for Star Printers

Front Dip and  Jumper Settings of  Buzzer with Sensor for Star Micronics Printers
Sensor for Star DIPS Jumpers
Buzzer > 1-on, 2-off, 3-on, 4-off 1 jumper: position 3 (next to cord)
Sensor >  none 2 jumpers: J2 + J3 shifted up to STAR position

Table 1: Jumper location and description on the Paper Sensor PCB

If you wish to change the configuration from Star to Epson see above.
You can install the Paper Sensor in either Drawer 1 or Drawer 2 of the POS 108. For best performance, keep Paper Sensor Paper sensor away from sunlight. Exterior Infrared Light sources will interfere with the Paper Sensor performance and may cause false alarms.

In normal operation the green light on the buzzer will be blink briefly and beep once when printer is first turned on. Light will stay on solid when printer is powered on and when sensor path is clear. When paper (or object) is in sensors path, light on buzzer will blink. Buzzer will sound after the waiting period (specified with switches 3 & 4, see above table) is reached. Buzzer will then stop when sensor path is clear.


  • POS Print Alarm
  • Paper Sensor
  • Velcro Attachments or alarm and sensor
  • Connecting cords

1-year limited warranty for parts and labor.

Detail showing J2 and J3 shifted up to the Star Position

Jumper for Star printers when using sensor




Figure 5 POS –Sensor Dimensional Views


Figure 6 Paper Sensor PCB Panel Layout
This shows J2 + J3 jumpers down in the default (Epson) position




Alarm wont sound

  • Sensor is not plugged into port on buzzer
  • Buzzer is not plugged into printer
  • DIP Switch settings (1 + 2)  aren't set for Cash Drawer/Sensor
  • Sensor is not positioned properly to sense paper. Green light on buzzer should flash when paper sensor is active.
  • Timing interval is too long - shorten time to pause before alarming (DIPS 3,4)

Alarm Sounds at wrong time

  • Printer was turned on with paper sensor active. Remove paper and power cycle printer. NOTE: If you are using firmware Ver 2.6A on the POS108 with a paper sensor, It is important to remove any paper in front of the paper sensor before the power is turned on.This is only for Ver 2.6A firmware which has an AUTO Sense feature for N/O or N/C cash drawers. The Paper sensor will work in reverse mode if the power is applied with a paper in front of the Paper sensor. Remove the paper and power cycle the POS108 to resolve this. Note that Version 2.8 firmware will not have this problem because the Auto Version was removed from this firmware version.

Light on Buzzer lights up solid but does not flash, even when paper is near

  • Clear view of sensor, turn off printer, and turn on again. Light should be solid when sensor view is clear and flash when paper or object is near. Double check sensor view, connections and DIP switch settings.
  • Buzzer is the earliest version, incompatible with sensor.

Light on Buzzer Flashes, but no alarm

  • Timing interval is too long - shorten time to pause before alarming (DIPS 3,4)

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