TM-U220 Receipt Printer  Model M188      The Kitchen Standard

The Epson TM-U220 Receipt Printer series features speedy (4.7 lines per second), high-quality two-color impact printing optimized for high-volume retail and restaurant point of sale operations. Compared to its predecessor, the TM-U200, the TM-U220 receipt printer is 30% faster, sports a 4k buffer vs the original 1k, and comes with a universal power supply. Other TM-U220 distinguishing qualities include the exclusive Epson Connect-It interface, adjustable paper widths, real drop-in paper loading, "near-end" and "paper-out" sensors, and a 2-year warranty on new printers. more...

Choice of Three configurations (A,B or D):
  • U220A - Series A has Paper Take-Up spool under the cover and Auto-Cutter
  • U220B - Series B has Auto Cutter Only <=Most Popular
  • U220D - Series D has a Tear-Bar
  1. Epson TM-U220D Printer; white (TM220DNW)
  2. Epson TM-U220D Serial Printer; white (TM220DSW)
  3. Epson TM-U220A Serial Printer w/ P/S; white (TM220ASWPS)
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  4. Epson TM-U220A Parallel Printer; white (TM220APNW)
  5. Epson TM-U220A USB Printer; white (TM220AUW)
  6. Epson TM-U220A Serial Printer; white (TM220ASW)
  7. Epson TM-U220A USB Printer w/ P/S; black (TM220AUGPS)
  8. Epson TM-U220A Ethernet Printer w/ P/S; black (TM220AEGPS)
  9. Epson TM-U220D Ethernet Printer; black (TM220DENG)
  10. Epson TM-U220D Parallel Printer w/ P/S; black (TM220DPGPS)
  11. Epson TM-U220B Parallel Printer w/ P/S; black (TM220BPGPS)
  12. Epson TM-U220D Ethernet Printer w/ P/S; white (TM220DEWPS)
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