Epson Model TM-290 Slip Printer

The Epson TM-290 is the predecessor to the widely deployed Epson TM-U295. The Epson 290 is not POS compliant. It does accept in-line commands (escape sequences).

  • Model I: M04SA / M14SA Original model, hard to find
  • Model II: M28SA Later model, hard to find 
  • TM-U295 with TM-290 Type II emulation
  • All Use standard ERC-27 Ribbons
  • Difference in Models There are two versions of the TM-290. The original TM-290 printer and the TM-290II. The major difference between the two is that the original model uses a PS-110 power supply (with a coaxial power cable plug) while the model II uses a PS-170 power supply with a round plug and 3 pins. There is also the  TM-U295 printer with a TM-290 type II emulation chip (series 101). It looks and acts like a TM-290 type II printer. More...
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