TM-U220 Printer FAQ

What are the benefits of buying a TM-U220 impact printer?

Because of its high reliability and durability in harsh food service environments, the TM-U220 impact printer is the ideal solution for kitchen printing applications. In addition, the TM-U220 printer can be used with multi-part paper, perfect for credit card receipts and journals.

What kind of interface do I need or what kind of data cable do I need?

See our Interface Guide

What’s the difference between each of the TM-U220 printers?
TM-U220 Comparison Chart

The TM-U220 family includes three models allowing you to select the version best suited to your requirements. The TM-U220A and TM-U220B come with an autocutter so you can choose between a full or partial cut, and an Auto Status Back (ASB) function that automatically transmits changes in the printer status.

The TM-U220A includes a take-up journal device and the TM-U220B and the TM-U220D have a wall-mounting option that prints the receipt right side up for easy reading right out of the printer.

How do TM-U220 printers differ from TM-U200 printers?

The TM-U220 offers several improved features. It has a faster print speed—in fact, up to 30% faster than the TM-U200. The TM-U220 series offer flexible paper widths, so you can choose between 58, 70, or 76mm for greater flexibility and potential cost-savings when narrower receipt rolls are used. And, with the TM-U220 series, drop-in paper loading is fully automatic compared to the semi-automatic paper loading offered by TM-U200 printers. In addition, TM-U220 printers feature non-volatile memory for fast logo printing. Lastly, the power supply on the TM-U200 is 33volts, the TM-U220 has a 24v power supply.

How do I upgrade from a TM-U200 to the TM-U220?

The TM-U220 series is designed for compatibility with existing systems built around a TM-U200 printer. These systems can be upgraded simply by dropping in a TM-U220 printer and AC adapter.  (Note: the TM-U200 and TM-U220 power supplies are not compatible). Since the external dimensions are nearly identical, there is no need to change the installation environment resulting in a smooth and easy transition.

What do the DIP switches on the bottom of my printer do?

Generally all switches should be in the "off" position. The DIP switches control baud rate (transmission rate), parity, and other functions. For a list of what each switch does, please see our TM-U220 support page

Where do I get Windows drivers for this printer?
There are drivers for all versions of Windows for this printer. See here.

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