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DIP Switch Settings

Models TM-U200 (US Models)
Note: turn off the printer before changing switch settings.

Serial Interface


  • There are some early model TM-U200 printers that have a 4-position switch in place of the 8-position switch at DIP Switch 2. The settings for the first 4 switches for the 4 position switch are the same as the first 4 in the 8 position settings shown above in Switch 2.

  • Do not change the settings of switches 2-2 and -2-4 from 'on'. Changing these settings may cause inferior print quality.

Parallel, USB, Ethernet, Wireless Interface

Installing Interfaces

For instructions on installing or configuring a Connect-It interface card please choose from the list below:

Serial Interface Installation Guide
Parallel Interface Installation Guide
USB Interface Installation Guide
Ethernet Interface Installation Guide
Wireless Interface Installation Guide
IDN Installation Guide

Windows Drivers

Installing the Device Drivers for Windows

The TM-U200 is no longer supported in the latest driver package from Epson. We ship Epson legacy drivers with the printers we sell.

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