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Identifying Models

Difference in Models
There are two versions of the TM-290. The original TM-290 printer and the TM-290II. The major difference between the two is that the original model uses a PS-110 power supply (with a coaxial power cable plug) while the model II uses a PS-170 power supply with a round plug and 3 pins.

Epson TM-290 Type I with ps-110 power jack
Model I showing PS-110 power jack

  Epson PS-110 Power supply
PS-110 Power supply

Epson TM-290 Type II with ps-170 power jack
Model II with PS-170 power jack
  Epson PS-170 Power supply
PS-170 Power supply

DIP Switch Settings

Models TM-290 (serial and parallel)

Note: turn off the printer before changing switch settings.

Serial Interface


Parallel Interface

Installing Interfaces

For instructions on identifying a parallel or serial interface


Windows Drivers

There are no Windows drivers for the TM-290 printer. Consider upgrading to a TM-U295 printer. It has the same form factor and has full support for Windows from Epson.

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